People Make Television
Raven Row, 28 January-26 March, 2023

People Make Television was a major exhibition of DIY and community television from the 1970s.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, hundred of campaigning and community groups including anarchists, farm workers, Black teachers, women priests, office cleaners, radical housing associations, trans women, ex-cons, situationists, film co-ops, neurodiverse people, freethinkers and channelers of the extra-terrestrial, produced their own television for the BBC, ITV and a handful of short-lived local cable channels. People Make Televisions revisits these moving image archive to piece together the story of Britain’s community broadcast history. Co-curated with Lori E. Allen, William Fowler and Alex Sainsbury.

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‘The Screen Age: Video’s Past & Future’, Artforum

‘Black teachers, trans women, cleaners and cons: how the BBC’s Open Door allowed ‘real people’ to let rip‘,  The Guardian