The Strangeness of Dub,
Barbican Cinemas & Auditorium, July 2022

Writer and researcher Edward George’s radio show The Strangeness of Dub dives into dub, versions and versioning, drawing on critical theory, social history, a deep and broad musical selection, and live dub mixing.

George’s episode Genealogies of Rock Against Racism – recorded live at the Barbican – is a musical journey, a tracing of moments in the lines of descent and dissent that lead to, and exceed, the formation of Rock Against Racism, whose locations are the interrelated spaces of the plantation, the death camp, and the urban spaces of post war Afro Asian settlement and struggle, whose themes are mimesis and ambivalence, and whose wide-ranging musical selection tells stories of deep listening and also gives sonance to a critical silence in the sound of RAR.

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You can’t have Afrofuturism without some ambience of a fascist thinking creeping in’, The Guardian